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Nate is a professional Motion Graphics editor. The list of clients he’s worked for is extensive and includes Johnson & Johnson, Lays, Harvey’s, Deloitte and freelance work for BBDO. Using a variety of techniques he creates dynamic animations that tell the story of your business.


Warren “Hurt Soon” has a keen eye for cinematography. With his background in photography his sense of light, composition, and style can make anything look good.


Rob is a man who knows the ins and outs of the business world. With a background in finance and venture capital, his insights are vital to THiNK’s success.

We THiNK Different

At THiNK see ourselves as more than just another video agency. We believe in dynamic content that is explanatory and engaging. We align ourselves with companies who appreciate innovation, from the enthusiastic start-up to international brands. We, too, are boundary pushers and problem solvers.

Gives us a shout! We love to discuss new approaches toward business.