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13 May


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You Tube vs Boob Tube: YouTube Ad Impact on Brand Metrics

May 13, 2011 | By | No Comments

YouTube released some interesting numbers today on YouTube’s effects on brand metrics as compared to Television (for the sake of simplicity let us refer to each of them by their acronyms — TV and YT). They polled people in 3 groups:

  • Ones who had been exposed to ads twice in one week on YT but none on TV.
  • Ones who had been exposed to ads twice in one week on TV but none on YT
  • And ones who had been exposed to both mediums, but not seen ads on either (as a baseline).

Ad Recall they found to increase an average of 60% on YT compared to 62% on TV. No big surprise. Brand Image was found to increase by 7% on YT over the 2% of TV. Already we see YouTube’s positive effects in a world that is turning increasingly to the internet for its entertainment.

On to Purchase Consideration. The effect of YT here is particularly strong at a 14% increase, over a 3% increase in brands advertised on TV. If only you could hyperlink TV ads, am I right? Likewise, YT pulls ahead again in Recommendations, to the tune of 15% over TV’s 2% increase in likelihood to buy advertised brands. Yet another product of the difference in mediums, be in through the immediate call to action or the integration of social media.

So who wins? You do, if you save a piece of that ad budget pie for a YouTube masthead. When combined with TV advertising Brand Image increases an average of 9% over TV alone.